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Date(s) - 25/07/2019
12:00 am

Drakar och Mazariner


Our Underworlds league will be a Ladder Campaign using the rules in the Nightvault rulebook! This makes it easy for players to join in at any time and you can use a different warband each game!

When you join you are given a position on the ladder, number 1 goes to the first player who joins and so on. You then find an opponent for a game and if you win your position on the ladder changes, if you are numbered lower than your opponent you swap places! If you are positioned higher than your opponent before you will swap with the player directly above you. If you are at the top then instead then the loser will drop a place instead.

So come and take part in our league and fight for glory with a chance to win lots of prizes including exclusive tokens, markers and alt art cards! 🙂

Entry is 60kr, and the league will be played as best of one games. We will be using the latest banned and restricted rules which can be found here: